Nemaslug is a natural and organic way to control slugs in your garden. It is safe for children, pets, birds, and wildlife, and it works even in damp and wet conditions.

Nemaslug contains nematodes, which are microscopic worms that seek out and kill slugs. The nematodes are found naturally in UK soil, and they have been approved for use in organic gardening by the Soil Association.

Nemaslug is easy to use. Simply apply it to your garden soil, and the nematodes will do the rest. One application will provide around six weeks control of slugs.

Nemaslug is a safe and effective way to control slugs in your garden. It is environmentally friendly and safe for children, pets, birds, and wildlife. Order your Nemaslug today and start enjoying a slug-free garden.

  • Biological, fast and effective.
  • Available in two pack sizes to treat 40m² or 100m².
  • Wildlife friendly. Won't harm children, pets, bees or birds.
  • Ideal for food crops.
  • Unlike pellets, Nemaslug works even better in the wet.
  • Our stock is replenished weekly - always fresh.
  • Delivery by First Class Post, mailing on Thursday.
  • Provides around 6 weeks of protection.

A few things to consider

  • Follow the instructions on the pack.
  • Store in the fridge and use as soon as possible, or by the date on the pack. Do not freeze. You should have about 3 weeks on the use by date. So please only order when needed.
  • Nemaslug should be applied to moist soil that is at least 5°C.
  • Nematodes are microscopic and to the naked eye a pack of Nemaslug looks like a pack of powder.
  • Only available to UK postcodes.

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