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Nemaslug controls all common species of small to medium sized slugs. Start your control early and you will be able to target the young slugs growing under the ground before they do any damage.

For best results:

  • Always use in accordance with instructions.
  • Upon receipt, use immediately or store in a refrigerator (do not freeze).
  • Do not use product beyond Use By Date. Use the entire packet at one time, do not store stock solution.
  • For outdoor/glasshouse/polytunnel applications use when slugs are active and Soil temperature is Consistently above 5 °C.
  • Avoid applications in bright sunlight.
  • Apply in the evening or in dull conditions.
  • Ideally apply during rainfall.
  • Soil or compost must be moist before and for at east 2 weeks after application.
  • One application will provide control for up to 6 Weeks, for continued protection re-apply at this time.
  • Infected slugs stop feeding quickly and die below ground within 4 – 21 days.

How to use:

  1. Dissolve the entire contents of the pack in a bucket containing 4 litres of water to create a stock solution.
  2. Stir vigorously and immediately take 0.5 litre of the stock solution, add to a 5 litre watering can fitted with a very coarse rose and fill with water.
  3. Apply the solution to an eighth of the soil area to be treated.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the whole area is treated.
  5. Water the treated area after application.

This pack fills 8 watering cans of 5 litres and treats up to 40m2 (50sq yds). Also easily applied with a recommended garden hose applicator - see inner sleeve or visit

Correct as of May 2016 - For reference only, please always use the instructions supplied with your pack.