Nemaslug should be dispatched promptly and to avoid prolonged postal delays. Your supplier should choose their day of dispatch carefully to avoid packs being held in depots and sorting offices during Sundays and bank holidays when there are no postal deliveries.


Packs should ideally be delivered within a day or two from dispatch to ensure the best chances of survival. Most suppliers use First Class Post to deliver the nematodes, the packs should fit through a standard letter box. Most suppliers will not require a signature at delivery, this ensures your nematodes are posted instead of being returned to a sorting office.


If packs are left in a warm environment their effectiveness may be impaired, so as soon as you are able, remove the pack from its mailing envelope and place in the fridge (don't freeze). It is good practice to use packs promptly; however there is a use-by date on each pack and nematodes can safely be refrigerated up to this date. The date is typically four weeks from manufacture, so allowing for transport and dispatch times you should have about two to three weeks in which to use the pack. If a pack is ever left out of refrigeration for a long period then please use immediately.