The Nemasys Nematode Range

Nemaslug is just one of several nematode products available for pest control in the UK. The whole Nemasys range is safe and effective. The products can all be used where children, pets and wildlife are present.

The new name for Nemasys Grow Your Own. Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection is is a mix of different nematode species designed to be most useful to those growing organically or food produce. It can be applied in a variety of ways and at different times of year to target several common pests. Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection combats Carrot Root Fly, Cabbage Root Fly, Leatherjackets, Cutworms, Onion Fly, Ants, Sciarid Fly, Caterpillars, Gooseberry Sawfly, Thrips.

This product has been replaced by Nemasys Fruit and Veg Protection, see above. Caterpillars should be sprayed directly with the product at weekly intervals. If treating for Codling Moth the product is applied to the tree trunk, branches and surrounding ground.

No Ants works differently to other nematode products; the Ants aren't killed. Ants will not tolerate the nematodes in their nests and after treatment the Ants will move out of the area. No Ants can be applied to porous surfaces such as borders, beds and lawns. Apply in the spring, or when Ants nests are appearing.

Applied in the autumn following the main hatch of crane-fly or daddy-long-legs. The treatment is especially attractive as children and pets do not need to be excluded from the treated area.

Should be applied in late summer. The chafer grub causes very similar damage to the Leatherjackets mentioned above, however each pest must be treated with the correct nematode. Identification is crucial to ensure an effective treatment. Where patches or yellowing occurs in the lawn lift a small area to reveal the pest.

A hugely popular and effective product for controlling the Vine Weevil Larvae. The adults leave tell-tale bite marks around the edge of foliage, but the Vine Weevil Larvae destroy the roots of many plants. Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer provides around four weeks of protection. For best results treat in the spring then again in the Autumn.

The most popular and useful of nematodes to treat slugs in the garden.



Delivery £1.99


Delivery £1.99