We've been asked lots of questions over the years, but here are the most common.

  • Can I use Nemaslug for Snails?
    Nemaslug will kill snails, but is not particularly effective due to the snail's life cycle. I would not recommend using Nemaslug for snail control. However if Nemaslug gets into a pond it may kill water snails. Keep application 15cm from the edge of ponds.
  • Is Nemaslug safe to use with poultry?
    Is Nemaslug safe to use around children, pets?
    Is Nemaslug safe with regards bees and other wildlife?
    Is Nemaslug safe to use on food crops?
    Yes. Nemaslug contains a specific species of nematode: Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita and is safe to use with food. It will not harm animals pets or children. You should always rinse any food produce, as you would with any crop, and apply according to the instructions on the pack.
  • Can I use Nemaslug on Organic crops?
    Yes. Nemaslug is approved by the Soil Association.
  • What does 40m² and 100m² mean?
    1m² is an square 1m wide by 1m long. 100m² is 100 of these. If your garden was square and 10m long by 10m wide a 100m² pack would treat the entire area.
    100m² is not 100m long by 100m wide.
  • How long does Nemaslug last?
    The nematodes in Nemaslug occur naturally in our soil, you are not introducing an alien species. Applying Nemaslug massively increases the number of these nematodes in the soil and tips the balance in the favour of the nematodes and against the slugs. Our environment will not support such a huge concentration of nematodes and they quickly die back to normal levels. A treatment of Nemaslug will be effective for around six weeks.
  • How long does Nemaslug keep?
    Four weeks from manufacture, if refrigerated. There is a date on the pack, order when you need it though as that four weeks will be diminished by transport, cooling and storage times.
  • My delivery came on Friday morning, but I was at work until the evening, is that ok?
    That is quite normal, packs sent on Thursday can be delivered as late as Saturday. Just put in the fridge as soon as possible.
  • My delivery went to my work address and was left out until Monday morning, is that ok?
    No, that is getting to be quite a long time out of the fridge. Use the Nemaslug pack as soon as possible. Delivery should be to an address where someone will be available to refrigerate. It does of course depend on the ambient temperature, a hot sunny porch will do far more damage than a cool doorway. Hot weather is worse than cool.
  • Does Nemaslug work?
    Nemaslug nematodes will perish in the cold or if the soil is too dry. The nematodes are less effective in heavy wet soils. Nematodes can die in the pack if not stored properly. Having said that, Nemaslug is a very effective control that works when other products fail. Nemaslug has been available for a number of years and has sold very successfully. We occasionally receive feedback that a treatment has not worked. These incidents are rare and can usually be explained, normally due to postal delays or application problems. Nemaslug is not an instant cure, slugs take time to die. Nemaslug will have a big impact on the number of slugs in your soil. We use Nemaslug in our garden. Yes it does work!
  • I have a weed membrane will that stop Nemaslug?
    It probably will. Nemaslug works in the soil and a weed suppressing membrane will quite probably filter out the nematodes. You should apply under the membrane if possible.
  • Can I apply Nemaslug to my lawn?
    Yes, but water in afterwards to wash the nematodes through the thatch and into the soil. It can be a good idea to treat the lawn if you have left over Nemaslug, but other areas such as beds and borders should be treated as a priority.
  • Can I over apply?
    No, a strong dose of Nemaslug won't hurt, but it shouldn't be necessary either. Nemaslug will be applied at an effective and correct dose if you follow the instructions.
  • Do I need to keep watering after application?
    Apply with water, then water again using the same volume of water. If its dry, water before to soften the soil. The nematodes will move into the soil overnight and will be less vulnerable to surface drying. You shouldn't need to keep watering, however if your plants are struggling then the nematodes will probably benefit from water too.
  • Is Nemaslug effective in pots?
    Yes, tiny slugs can live in pots, and so long as you prevent drying out Nemaslug will be effective. If your pots are being raided by 'wandering' slugs consider applying Nemaslug to adjacent areas to help protect your pots.
  • I read that Nemaslug is not effective against small black slugs, true?
    No, its best against those tiny black slugs - larger slugs, above about 8cm are less vulnerable - get them whilst they are young!
  • Can I use Nemaslug and Nemasys Grow Your Own/Fruit and Veg or Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer at the same time?
    Yes, however you should apply one then the other. They can be in the soil together, but you might clog the watering can if you mix them.
  • If I buy a large Nemaslug pack, can I split it and save half to use in 6 weeks?
    At best you get 3 to 4 weeks on the use-by date. Nemasys recommend using the whole pack in a single application.
  • I applied Nemaslug, but I still have slugs! Why?
    There are a number of possibilities. Firstly Nemaslug isn't instant, it takes a few days for infection and death; around a week. You may have slugs moving into your garden from the surrounding area, these slugs don't represent as much of a problem as you might think as they tend to feed on decaying matter. However, they will still be infected and die.
  • Is my Nemaslug working?
    If you followed the instructions for application and storage, used before the date on the pack then they should work. It's not a miracle cure, but it is very good and you will see results, allow at least a week. Occasionally packs get delayed in the post. We always publish the dispatch date on the website so you can see how long they have been in transit.